Uttarakhand’s Growing Potential for Horticulture Economy

(Mohan Bhulani) : Uttarakhand is a state in Northern India known for its scenic beauty and hilly terrain. The state holds tremendous potential for horticulture, and following in the footsteps of Himachal Pradesh, apple production has become a major focus in Uttarakhand. Farmers in hilly regions are increasingly turning towards apple cultivation, while private companies are also contributing to the promotion of apple production. Recently, a program highlighting the work done by private companies to improve apple production was organized, and Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami was in attendance to honor the orchardists producing apples.

The Importance of Resoluteness in Achieving Goals

During the program, Horticulture Minister Ganesh Joshi stressed the importance of making a resolution to achieve any goal in life, and emphasized the need to be resolute in fulfilling it. This is especially relevant in the context of horticulture development in Uttarakhand, as it is an industry that requires a significant amount of hard work and dedication.

Funding and Support for Horticulture Development in Uttarakhand

The government has received permission from NABARD to construct approximately 18,000 poly houses in Uttarakhand. This is a significant development, as poly houses can provide protection to crops from adverse weather conditions and pests, enabling farmers to cultivate crops throughout the year. Additionally, funding for the Apple and Kiwi mission has been increased, and a significant budget has been allocated towards horticulture.

Establishment of Mandis for Facilitating the Transportation of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Efforts are underway to establish two mandis (marketplaces) in Kumaon and Garhwal to facilitate the transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables from the state to other regions. This is an important step towards ensuring that farmers get a fair price for their produce and that consumers have access to fresh and high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Challenges Faced by Uttarakhand’s Apple Industry

Chief Minister Dhami also noted that the taste of apples has changed over time, and that the fertility of the fields has declined. Pesticide use has also contributed to soil degradation, making it necessary to focus on natural farming techniques. Furthermore, research must be conducted to suit the state’s unique geographical conditions. Uttarakhand has the potential to produce better apples than its neighboring state of Himachal Pradesh.

Policies and Measures for Promoting Horticulture Development

In an effort to promote horticulture development, the government is working on simplifying policies and bringing in favorable measures. The goal is to give Uttarakhand apples a unique identity in the world through natural farming and to increase production by 20 times.

Districts with High Apple Production

Uttarkashi district currently produces the highest quantity of apples in Uttarakhand, with additional apple cultivation in parts of Nainital, Pithoragarh, Chamoli, and Dehradun districts.


Uttarakhand’s growing potential for horticulture is a promising development, and the state has already made significant strides in apple production. However, there are still several challenges that need to be addressed, such as soil degradation and declining fertility of fields. The government’s efforts towards promoting horticulture development through favorable policies and measures, along with the establishment of mandis and the use of natural farming techniques, are steps in the right direction towards achieving the goal of giving Uttarakhand apples a unique identity in the world.

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