Uttarakhand’s First Tunnel Parking Project in Captifall Region

Dehradun (Mohan Bhulani) : In an exciting development for Uttarakhand, the state is set to witness the construction of its first-ever parking tunnel. This groundbreaking project, known as the Captifall Tunnel Parking, has completed its Detailed Project Report (DPR) with an estimated cost of 120 crores. The proposal for this pioneering initiative will soon be presented to the Chief Secretary and Additional Chief Secretary, with the anticipation of receiving swift approval.

Addressing the Parking Crunch: Tunnel Parking in the Mountains of Uttarakhand

To tackle the persistent parking challenges in the state, tunnel parking structures will be established in twelve key cities across Uttarakhand. This comprehensive plan includes the construction of two tunnel parking facilities in Pauri, six in Tehri, two in Uttarkashi, and two in Nainital. Among these, the first tunnel parking project will be initiated in the picturesque Tehri-Captifall-Mussoorie region, specifically in the Masahi Mussoorie Road area of Captifall.

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) for this innovative parking facility, costing 120 crores, has already been prepared. Once completed, the Captifall Tunnel Parking will offer accommodation for approximately 400 vehicles, providing much-needed respite for the burgeoning parking problem in the state. The Housing Department is confident that the DPR will receive the necessary approval without delay. Simultaneously, the DPRs for other tunnel parking facilities across Uttarakhand are also being meticulously drafted.

District-wise Locations of Tunnel Parking Facilities

Let’s take a closer look at the strategic locations chosen for these tunnel parking structures in each district:

  1. Pauri: Near Pauri-Lakshman Jhula and Devprayag Railway Station, Saur
  2. Tehri: In front of Kudargarh on Old Tehri Road (Chamba), Nainbagh Dhanaulti, Chiledi Village, Tegar Bazaar, Thatyur Bazaar, Main Bazaar
  3. Uttarkashi: Gangotri and Gangnani
  4. Nainital: Near Cantt Board’s land on Nainital-Bhowali Road and the first turn near National Observatory

Revolutionizing Parking: The Tunnel Parking Concept

So, how exactly will this tunnel parking system work in Uttarakhand’s mountainous districts where large open spaces are scarce? These state-of-the-art parking facilities will be ingeniously integrated within the mountains through well-designed tunnels. Vehicles will conveniently enter from one side of the tunnel for parking and seamlessly exit onto the adjacent road, effectively optimizing space and accessibility.

By harnessing the mountainous landscape to address the parking crunch, Uttarakhand is poised to set a remarkable precedent for other regions grappling with similar challenges. The tunnel parking concept not only provides a practical solution but also contributes to preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the surroundings.

Paving the Way for Efficient Parking Solutions in Uttarakhand

As the first parking tunnel project in Uttarakhand takes shape in the Captifall region, the state prepares to witness a significant breakthrough in addressing its parking woes. The Captifall Tunnel Parking, with its projected capacity to accommodate 400 vehicles, offers a beacon of hope for the increasingly crowded cities. With its unique approach of utilizing tunnels to optimize parking space, Uttarakhand aims to establish a benchmark for innovative parking solutions in mountainous regions.

As the Chief Secretary and Additional Chief Secretary evaluate the project proposal, it is expected that the approval will be granted soon, heralding a new era of parking convenience and efficiency in Uttarakhand.

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