Power Cuts in Haldwani city, People Protest Against Electricity 

Haldwani: Power cuts have become a recurring problem in Haldwani, causing immense inconvenience to the people. The issue has worsened amid the scorching heat, with frequent power outages for hours on end. The residents of the Rajpura area of Haldwani expressed their frustration towards the Electricity Department by staging a protest late at night while carrying torches and using the light from their mobile phones. The protesters demanded that the electricity supply be restored to normal.

Hemant Sahu, the State Vice President of Youth Congress, led the demonstration and stated that the public has been suffering from continuous power cuts in the state. Despite the continuous rise in electricity rates, the people are still facing power cuts instead of receiving uninterrupted power supply. The state government has made tall claims of providing uninterrupted electricity supply, but the people in urban areas are still bearing the brunt of frequent power cuts.

The summer season has begun, and power cuts have become a cause of concern for the residents, causing them immense trouble. The situation worsens at night when power outages occur for long hours, creating significant difficulties for the people. The protesters claim to have filed several complaints against the electricity department officials regarding the power cuts, but no action has been taken so far.

The residents of Haldwani are rightly frustrated by the frequent power cuts and are protesting against the inaction of the electricity department. The situation demands immediate attention from the authorities, and necessary steps must be taken to restore the electricity supply to normal. The power cuts not only cause inconvenience but also lead to significant financial losses to businesses and industries that depend on electricity.


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