People upset due to sewerage and dirt in Landour market of Mussoorie

 Mussoorie: The distressing state of sewage and filth in Landour Bazaar, Mussoorie, is a stark reminder of the failures of the Municipal Corporation of Mussoorie and the representatives. The neglect of the spreading filth and open flowing sewage on Landour South Road has caused significant problems for the residents, who endure the foul smell and unhygienic conditions on a daily basis. With damaged sewage pipelines, a dysfunctional sewerage system, and clogged toilets, the basic amenities that the community deserves are sorely lacking. It is imperative for the local administration to take immediate action, addressing the demands of the residents and ensuring the closure of open flowing sewage. By prioritizing the well-being of the people and committing to effective solutions, Mussoorie can reclaim its status as a pristine and welcoming hill town, free from the blight of sewage and filth.

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