Orders not followed in attachment employees in health department

Dehradun: It has been observed that officers and employees in the state have been breaking rules to prevent transfers, thereby violating the transparent transfer policy. The Uttarakhand Health Department has not been compliant with orders issued by officials, which is evident from the 2022 order to abolish all attachments of the department. It is surprising that this order, which was issued approximately 7 months ago, has yet to be enforced, and the Education Minister must intervene.

Officers Violating Transparent Transfer Policy

Although the transfer policy for employees in all departments of Uttarakhand has been established, personnel who defy the policy seem to be above the law within the department. This may be why officers and employees frequently violate the transparent transfer policy by resorting to attachments. Furthermore, officials’ orders are not being followed. Those who break the rules appear to hold power in every way. This is also evident in the health department. An order was issued in August 2022 by the Directorate General of Health to abolish all attachments.

Employees on Attachment

However, despite nearly 7 months passing since the order, many workers are still on attachment, and the Health Minister had to intervene to gather information on all attachments. Surprisingly, even after the order was issued again, many individuals in the health department are still on attachment, and they have yet to be reassigned. Dr. Vinita Shah, Director General of Health, stated that she is personally monitoring the current attachment situation and that the 2022 orders are being enforced. She also mentioned that certain attachments were not eliminated as needed. She has given guidelines to terminate all attachments.

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