Not neglect the mountains that have given us so much- Ratan Aswal

ratan singh rawat

(By Ratan Singh Aswal, wanderer, social thinker)

Pauri : The Himalayas offer a breathtaking view of vast green bugyals, snow-capped peaks, and dense forests of oak, bunras, deodar, shisham, teak, among others. The sacred Maa Ganga originates from here and is joined by many other evergreen rivers such as Yamunaji. The region is also known for its hilly ladder-like agricultural land that is ideal for the production of organic mountain grains, as well as for wheat, paddy, and sugarcane production in the foothills.

In addition to being home to the important Sri Chardham Devasthan of Hindu religion, the state boasts of religious cities such as Haridwar and Rishikesh, and popular tourist destinations such as Nainital and Mussoorie. Wildlife sanctuaries like Jim Corbett Park, Rajaji National Park, and Nanda Devi Reserve attract tourists from all over the world. For adventure tourism and mountaineering, the state offers treks in the valleys of Ganga, Yamuna, Vedni Bugyal, Dayara Bugyal, Roopkund, Chhota Kailas, Darma, Shaur, Darma, Someshwar, Tons, Nayar, Ramganga, and other mountains ranges, including Pindar glaciers.

However, the state lacks the political will to utilize its natural resources for the benefit of its people. The absence of a permanent capital further complicates matters. The people of the state origin are unable to raise their voice for their rights, and many are forced to migrate from mountain villages to the plains and cities of other states due to extreme neglect.

The state shares borders with China and Nepal, which creates a sense of unintentional threat, and the security of the country is at risk. Yet, the state continues to be plagued by never-ending political bickering, demands for reservation in pensions, allowances, and jobs, and the lack of true leadership.

It is time for the state to prioritize the welfare of its people and take advantage of its abundant natural resources. Let us not neglect the mountains that have given us so much.

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