Kamla Bhandari has achieved success in honey production

Almora (Mohan Bhulani) : Kamla Bhandari of Almora has set a remarkable example for women by proving that daughters are no less capable than sons. As a resident of Khatyadi near the city, Kamla has achieved success by adding sweetness to people’s lives through honey production and paving the way for self-employment for other women. Kamla started her journey with just two silent rearing boxes and now has 218 boxes, earning an annual income of six lakh rupees by producing honey, which is in demand up to Delhi and Punjab.

Despite being an inter-passer and the wife of a deputy ranger, Kamla was determined to become self-reliant, and she has certainly achieved it. She underwent six days of silence training through the Khadi and Village Industries Board in 2013 and began her journey by purchasing two boxes. With time, she kept adding more boxes to her collection, observing and learning along the way.

Today, Kamla has become an inspiration to many women by proving that hard work can indeed lead to success. She sells her honey at the rate of Rs. 800 per kg and has given employment to ten women by forming a power group and connecting them with honey production. These women are involved in every step of the process, from extracting the honey to its packaging and marketing, thereby improving their economy.

Kamla also believes that women can become self-sufficient by engaging in domestic work and keeping silence at low cost. She encourages women to start their own silencing boxes at home, which can be easily installed anywhere on the roof of the house, courtyard, or nearby field for as low as five thousand rupees.

Kamla Bhandari is a true example of determination and perseverance, and her success has not only improved her own life but also the lives of other women in her community.

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