It is not possible to prevent disaster- Chief Minister

Dehradun: In Uttarakhand, disasters are a constant concern due to the state’s sensitive location. To address this issue, the State Disaster Management Authority has been working diligently to improve rescue operations during times of crisis. Recently, a two-day workshop was held by the Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority on the use of advanced technology in disaster management, in conjunction with an International Conclave. The workshop was attended by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi, and other disaster department officials.

During the workshop, Chief Minister Dhami acknowledged the vulnerability of Uttarakhand and other Himalayan states to disasters. While such calamities occur in some form or the other every year, the government cannot prevent them. However, it is crucial to prioritize relief and rescue operations to minimize loss of life and property. CM Dhami highlighted the 2013 disaster in Kedarghati, which caused significant loss of life and property, as a turning point in disaster management. Since then, the government has made substantial improvements to infrastructure and communication systems, with a particular focus on health and transportation.

The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of learning from past disasters and developing a robust disaster management system in collaboration with other organizations. He highlighted the frequent occurrence of earthquakes in Uttarakhand, which cause significant damage to infrastructure and the economy. Therefore, the government must work tirelessly to improve the state’s disaster management capabilities.

It is imperative to focus on relief and rescue operations during times of crisis, as disaster prevention is beyond the government’s control. The Uttarakhand government is committed to improving disaster management capabilities and learning from past disasters to minimize loss of life and property.

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