Information department will take action against arbitrary scam

Dehradun: False publications disseminated via social media platforms have circulated news alleging corruption within the Information Department of Uttarakhand. In this particular instance, misleading information was printed on the official letterhead of Haldwani’s Cable Network, claiming that officials from the Information Department and the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand were engaged in corrupt practices by allocating significant sums of money for television channel advertisements. However, subsequent investigations by the department have unequivocally proven these allegations to be entirely baseless.

This case revolves around several television news channels operating in Uttarakhand. The Cable Network in Haldwani, upon discovering that certain channels falsely proclaimed to be affiliated with its network, promptly wrote a letter to the Information Department, notifying them of this deceitful practice. Following a comprehensive inquiry conducted by the Information Department, it was ascertained that the complaint held no merit, as it lacked substantiated evidence and authenticity. Moreover, the list of regulations outlined by the Information Department for television channels did not include any news channel that had presented a contractual agreement from Haldwani’s cable network as part of its application.

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