IAS Saurabh Gaharwar performing the responsibility of District Magistrate with doctor 

Tehri District Magistrate, Saurabh Gaharwar, is a remarkable individual who, in addition to fulfilling his administrative duties, also engages in social work. His actions not only serve as a source of inspiration to others but also teach those officials who do not take their work seriously a lesson. Since July 2022, DM Gaharwar has conducted over 444 ultrasounds himself, which is an extraordinary feat. Furthermore, he also actively participates in challaning activities, demonstrating his commitment to maintaining law and order. As a result of his admirable efforts, DM Gaharwar frequently garners media attention.

DM Gaharwar has conducted over 444 ultrasounds since he took over as Tehri District Magistrate. These ultrasounds include 341 at the Community Health Center Beleshwar Ghansali, 76 at the Community Health Center Chamba, 16 at the District Hospital Bauradi, and 41 at the Sub District Hospital Narendranagar. DM Gaharwar inspects the district’s health centers every Sunday or holiday, evaluating the arrangements and monitoring the patients’ condition.

On Sundays, DM Gaharwar visits Community Health Center Beleshwar to check the health services and conduct ultrasounds himself. On his most recent visit, he conducted 43 ultrasounds, including 30 for pregnant women and 13 general ultrasounds. During his visit, he interacted with patients who had come for treatment and inquired about their condition. DM Gaharwar has conducted 82 ultrasounds at the Beleshwar Hospital on November 27, 2022, 80 ultrasounds on December 4, 2022, and 87 ultrasounds on January 22, 2023. Additionally, on March 13, 2023, he conducted ultrasounds for 49 patients.

Before joining the administrative service, DM Gaharwar worked as a radiologist. He believes that ultrasound facilities should be made available to patients wherever ultrasound machines are available, enabling them to begin treatment promptly. During his most recent ultrasound at Beleshwar Hospital, CMS Amit Roy of District Hospital Bauradi and other Health Department officials were present. The public appreciates his simplicity, which is evident from their reactions when they encounter him in person.

DM Gaharwar’s extraordinary dedication to his work serves as an excellent example of how officials should conduct themselves. His achievements are truly remarkable and inspiring, and he is a testament to the notion that one can always do more to help others.



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