Government schools condition not improve spending crores rupees

Dehradun:  Education Director, Banshi Dhar Tiwari, has put forth a proposal that aims to address the dilapidated condition of government schools in the state. According to the proposal, individuals will have the opportunity to adopt a school and have it named after their parents or someone else as a memorial. In return, the adopter will be responsible for covering certain expenses incurred by the school. The department is currently preparing the proposal, which will be presented in the cabinet for consideration.

In recent years, despite a substantial annual budget of 10 thousand crores for basic, junior, and secondary education, many of the 16,501 government schools in the state have fallen into disrepair. These schools face numerous challenges, with essential facilities like electricity and water being absent in several of them. Even with significant funding, the situation remains dire. Each year, the central government allocates 1,100 crores under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, and an additional 200 crores are provided through the Mid-Day Meal scheme. However, the state still grapples with the lack of infrastructure and amenities in its schools.

Primary schools bear the brunt of this crisis. In total, 96 primary schools do not even have proper buildings, while 934 lack boys’ toilets, 895 lack girls’ toilets, and 542 lack drinking water facilities. The situation is similarly concerning in the state’s 2,864 basic schools, where 1,609 schools lack ramps, 3,433 schools lack electricity, 5,633 schools lack libraries, and 5,633 schools lack sports grounds. This scarcity of vital resources greatly hinders the educational experience and overall development of students.

Secondary schools in Dehradun face similar challenges. Out of the 16 schools surveyed, several lack proper buildings, while 286 schools lack boys’ toilets, 114 schools lack girls’ toilets, and 81 schools lack drinking water facilities. Moreover, 57 schools do not have electricity, and 384 schools lack libraries. The dearth of sports grounds is alarming, affecting 1,072 schools, and the absence of integrated science laboratories is felt in 1,041 schools. Furthermore, 886 schools lack physics laboratories, 902 schools lack chemistry laboratories, and 886 schools lack biology laboratories. These deficiencies severely compromise the quality of education and limit the opportunities available to students.

To combat this crisis, Banshi Dhar Tiwari proposes a solution that allows individuals to play an active role in rejuvenating government schools. By adopting a school and naming it after their loved ones as a lasting tribute, people can make a significant difference in the lives of students. The adopters will be responsible for covering various expenses, such as building maintenance and providing necessary resources like chairs and equipment. The specific expenses to be borne by the adopters will be determined based on established standards, ensuring fairness and transparency.

This innovative approach offers hope for the transformation of Dehradun’s education landscape. By encouraging community involvement and promoting a sense of ownership, the proposal aims to revitalize schools and provide a conducive learning environment for students. The initiative also fosters a deeper connection between the adopters and the school, creating a lasting legacy that honors their loved ones.

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