Mehndiram Company Collaborate to Promote Nutritious Millet Recipes

New Delhi: In a significant development for the agricultural and food industry, Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi recently held a meeting with Devendra Kumar Dhamija, the founder and director of Mehndiram Food Products Private Limited, along with his associates. The meeting took place in the prestigious Uttarakhand House in New Delhi. During the meeting, Mehndiram Food Products representatives showcased their expertise in millet recipes and their potential application in various government programs and outlets. Minister Ganesh Joshi praised the company’s work and pledged his support to their products, which will be featured prominently at the upcoming Millets Festival in Haldwani this October.

Millets: The Nutritious Grain Revolution Millet, a nutrient-rich grain, has gained recognition worldwide for its health benefits and versatility in culinary applications. Rich in essential minerals, high in dietary fiber, and gluten-free, millets offer a range of nutritional advantages. They are particularly beneficial for combating malnutrition and enhancing food security, making them a valuable addition to government programs focused on nutrition and welfare.

Mehndiram Food Products: Championing Millet Recipes Mehndiram Food Products Private Limited has emerged as a prominent player in the millet industry. With an unwavering commitment to promoting healthy eating habits, the company has dedicated extensive resources to research and develop diverse millet recipes. Leveraging their expertise, they have created a range of products that cater to various consumer preferences while harnessing the nutritional power of millets.

Government Programs and Millets: A Perfect Synergy The meeting between Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi and Mehndiram Food Products highlighted the potential for collaboration between the government and private sector to drive the adoption of millets in welfare programs. Millets possess the versatility to be seamlessly integrated into initiatives such as the Mid-Day Meal Program and the Anganwadi Supplementary Nutrition Program, both of which play a crucial role in providing nutritious meals to school children and vulnerable populations.

 Millets Outlets, Mobile Vans, and Beyond: Expanding Reach and Impact Recognizing the need for broader accessibility, Mehndiram Food Products aims to extend the reach of millet-based products through Millets outlets and mobile vans. These channels would enable convenient access to nutritious millet snacks, meals, and ingredients for a wide range of consumers. Additionally, the company intends to collaborate with hospitals, jails, and hostels to introduce millet-based meals, enhancing the overall quality and nutritional value of their menus.

 Appreciation and Support from Minister Ganesh Joshi Minister Ganesh Joshi expressed his admiration for the pioneering work carried out by Mehndiram Food Products in the field of millets. Recognizing the potential of millets to transform the food landscape, he pledged his positive support to the company’s products. To showcase this commitment, Minister Joshi announced that the millet-based products from Mehndiram Food Products would be prominently featured at the upcoming Millets Festival scheduled to be held in Haldwani in October.

Promoting Nutritious Millet Recipes for a Healthier India The meeting between Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi and Devendra Kumar Dhamija, along with their associates, marks a significant milestone in promoting the use of millets in various government programs and outlets. With their rich nutritional profile and versatility, millets have the potential to transform the food landscape, ensuring better nutrition for all. Through collaborations between the government and private enterprises like Mehndiram Food Products, the adoption of millets can be further accelerated, benefitting school children, vulnerable populations,

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