Ensuring Proper Expenditure of Development Funds -DM

Rudraprayag : As the new fiscal year approaches, it is important to plan how to allocate funds for development projects in the district. On Tuesday, the District Magistrate Mayur Dixit reviewed the expenditure of the allocated budget for various plans under the district, state, and center-supported schemes for the financial year 2022-23. He directed the concerned officials to ensure that the entire allocated amount is spent judiciously and with full transparency.

Reviewing the district plan, the District Magistrate instructed the officials to ensure that all the departments that have not fully spent the allocated budget for the district plan should spend the remaining funds by 20th March 2023 without any delay or negligence. He made it clear that if the allocated amount is not spent within the given timeline, the concerned officials will be held responsible.

The District Magistrate has given strict instructions that in case of any negligence or delay in implementing development projects, necessary action will be taken against the officials as per the rules. It is imperative to ensure that the allocated funds are spent with complete dedication and quality, and development projects are completed within the stipulated time frame.

The review of the expenditure of allocated funds for development projects is a crucial step towards achieving development goals in the district. The District Magistrate’s directive to ensure timely and judicious expenditure of funds will not only aid in the completion of development projects but also enhance the credibility of the administration. The officials must take the necessary steps to ensure that the allocated funds are used in the best possible way to bring about tangible development in the district.

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