Enchanted Secret of Witchcraft in Tarakund’s Dudhatoli peak region

(By Manoj Istwal, Editor- Himalayan Discover)

Paithani : Tarakund’s Chaukhudu Chauntrun, also known as Jinni Dhound, is situated on the highest peak of the Tarakund region, at an altitude of about 10,000 feet above sea level. This place offers breathtaking views of the sky-high snowy peaks of the Utung Himalayas and the small villages of Rath and Kumaon Dushan. It is said that after being pleased with Maa Tara’s severe penance, seven Baini Aanchharis came here and dedicated their Tantras to Maa Tara.

The area of Rath region looks very scenic from Aanchri Dhaund, and it is said that the Survey of India has buried the survey plate here, from which the aerial measurements of the directions have been taken. The Aanchri Dhaund holds special importance for Tantra seekers, and they reach here very secretly in the night hours to do Tantra Sadhana.

Out of all the heels and caves in Uttarakhand, Jinni Dhaundh Tarakund and its Chaukhudu Chauntarun (square platform) are very appropriate places for Tantra Sadhana and Tantra Sadhaks since ancient times. Many well-known tantriks come from far and wide for Tantra Sadhana and Tantra games in the dark of night. Here, they do intense meditation to subdue the fairies, matrikas, mothers, heels, aanchariyas, bandayos, banakis, bharadis, ahedis, daganis, and blood-sucking women. It is believed that the one who has achieved success by doing Tantra Sadhna in Chaukhudu Chauntarun of Tarakund becomes Ajar-Amar Tantrik and is considered to be the surveyor of Tantra Vidyas.

This place is shrouded in mystery, and many questions arise in the mind after reaching this Aanchari Dhaund. Is this the same act of Yognia/fairies named Sukeshwari who satisfied her hunger with the blood of demons? Are these not the same Addi-Anchari/Yoginis/Ranpichasanis who had supported Mahadev Kailashpati in the destruction of the demon Andhakasur and some had been left here instead of going to Kailash?

Researching and writing on these enchanting places is a unique and difficult task. The whole area of Rath region looks very scenic from Aanchri Dhaund, and the twinkling small villages of Dudhatoli mountain peak spread far and wide do not let the panoramic views of the place disappear from the eyes.

witchcraft of the fairies

In fact, while roaming in different terrains of the Himalayan regions, if any stream, bugyal, shade of a tree, air, water or cave gives you peace, do not forget to salute it. There is an invisible power there, and great souls work to make your journey easier by becoming your classmate in your journey. In such a situation, whatever you are eating, first break a piece and offer it to those invisible souls and your ancestors, so that they feel that you also know that you are also traveling with them.

It is crucial to keep in mind that in such places, we should not shout, wear bright clothes, play musical instruments unnecessarily, or act inappropriately. We must take special care of the sanctity of this place so that the Ancharis are not unhappy, as there is a possibility of many incidents happening here. In the past, students of the school had fainted here, and they could recover only after worshiping them.

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