Education department forgot the teachers sent on deputation for 14 years

Education department forgot the teachers sent on deputation for 14 years

Dehradun : Government teachers stationed in Uttarakhand have been imparting knowledge to students in UP, Delhi, and Bihar. The educators, who have been providing instruction in these states for several years, are surprisingly neglected by the Education Department, which had shown no interest in taking care of them.

The curtain was lifted on this issue during the non-government budget session of the Assembly. It was revealed that teachers from Uttarakhand who are stationed in remote areas such as Dharchula, Bhimtal, Tehri, and Pauri have been serving in Delhi, UP, and Bihar for a period ranging from six to fourteen years. These teachers were sent on deputation by the Education Department, and the department had forgotten about them.

During the Question Hour, MLA Dilip Rawat raised concerns about the teachers’ welfare and inquired about their whereabouts. The Education Department provided shocking details, revealing that one teacher had been serving in Delhi, six in Uttar Pradesh, and one in Bihar since 2009. Moreover, some teachers in Uttarakhand had left their original education department to serve in other departments.

Despite the Education Department’s order to call these teachers back to their original positions at the end of their deputation period, they are unwilling to return. Sadly, the order issued on 25 November 2022 has been ignored, and these teachers remain frozen on their never-ending deputation.

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