Digantara Startup received funding of 83 crore for space mapping

Digantara Startup, based in Uttarakhand, has secured a whopping funding of 83 crore rupees to pioneer space mapping in collaboration with esteemed Japanese and Indian companies. By the end of this year, Digantara aims to revolutionize the field of space exploration with its cutting-edge satellite launching and operational platform. Think of it as a celestial equivalent to Google Maps here on Earth.

Through successful partnerships with ISRO and Space Edge, Digantara has already made significant strides in space technology. Back in 2018, visionary entrepreneurs Rahul Rawat, Aniruddh Sharma, and Tanveer Ahmad united to establish Digantara, fueled by their mission to raise awareness about the state of space. Their focus on space mapping garnered initial seed funding in 2020. In an exciting showcase of their capabilities, Digantara collaborated with ISRO in June 2022 to demonstrate the power of space mapping. Just a mere seven months later, on January 3, 2023, they triumphantly launched their second space mission alongside Space Edge.

Rahul Rawat, one of the brilliant co-founders behind Digantara Startup, proudly shared that their venture has attracted a substantial 83 crore rupees investment from distinguished entities such as India’s Peak XV, Kalaari Capital, and Japan’s Global Brain company. With preparations underway, Digantara is eagerly anticipating the imminent launch of its groundbreaking space mapping endeavor. Rahul emphasized the ever-growing number of satellites populating the cosmos and drew an intriguing parallel to the role of Google Maps in guiding terrestrial traffic. The development of space mapping will empower any agency to confidently navigate the challenges of launching satellites into space, ensuring a secure and efficient process for all involved.

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