Chaikhan-Dharkhola road, has been unable to undergo tarmacking

Almora: The Lamgara area, along the Chaikhan-Dharkhola road, has been unable to undergo tarmacking, even after four years have elapsed. Passersby have to face a lot of inconvenience due to dust and gravel on the unpaved road. Nobody knows when their wait for road tarmacking will end.

In the year 2019, a 9.3 km long Chaikhan-Dharkhola road was constructed to connect more than 10,000 people residing in villages such as Balia, Baganiya, Kharasoda, Vishaud, Anuli, Biroda, and Kokila. Even after four years, the road has still not been tarmacked, making it difficult for people to navigate through the dusty and rocky path.

Every year since the construction of the road, proposals for tarmacking have been sent to the government, but they have not received approval, leaving people feeling disheartened. Villagers have reported being forced to walk due to the poor condition of the road, making it difficult to drive vehicles. In such circumstances, it is evident that all claims of rural development are failing due to the lack of road connectivity.

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