Case filed against officials in Pauri Engineering College lady professor’s death case

Pauri: The case of Assistant Professor Manisha Bhatt’s suicide at Ghurdauri Engineering College has taken a new turn with allegations of mental harassment and provocation leading to suicide made by her family members against senior college officials at Srinagar Police Station. Manisha Bhatt’s husband has filed a written complaint with the police, urging them to take strict action. In response, SSP Shweta Choubey has confirmed that the police have launched an investigation based on the complaint.

The written complaint lodged with the police by Sandeep Bhatt, husband of Manisha Bhatt, accuses senior college officials of subjecting his wife to mental harassment. According to the complaint, these officials harassed her regarding a promotion matter and even went as far as suggesting that she either resign or take her own life, as they would obstruct her promotion. On May 25th, during a phone call, Manisha Bhatt had expressed the harassment she was enduring and mentioned the use of offensive and indecent language. Distressed by the situation, she tragically decided to end her life.

Regarding the case, what did SSP Pauri have to say? SSP Shweta Choubey has stated that a few days prior, the assistant professor had attempted to jump into the Alaknanda River, but the police intervened and rescued her. She was then admitted to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead by the doctors. The woman’s husband has filed a complaint alleging harassment by senior officials. Pauri Kotwali police have registered the case and initiated an investigation. Further action will be taken based on the findings of the investigation.

The college director denies the allegations: Dr. Y Singh, the director of the engineering college, refutes the accusations, stating that they hold no merit. According to him, Assistant Professor Manisha Bhatt has not experienced any form of harassment from him or the college administration. He asserts that whenever she applied for leave, it was granted.

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