Boosting Employment generation through horticulture in Pauri Garhwal

 Thalisain : Revolutionizing the agricultural and animal husbandry sectors, Minister Dhan Singh Rawat spearheads a comprehensive plan for Thalisain. In a review meeting held at the Collectorate Auditorium, the Health Minister expressed grave concern over the Lampi virus outbreak. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of opening Anganwadi centers in closed primary schools and unveiled a pioneering model for potato production in Thalisain. Let’s delve into the details of Minister Rawat’s strategic initiatives for uplifting the region’s agricultural and horticultural prospects.

Addressing the Lampi Virus Crisis: Amidst rising cases of the Lampi virus in the Thalisain block, Minister Dhan Singh Rawat took a strong stance against the negligence displayed by the Animal Husbandry Department. Condemning the department’s inaction, he emphasized the detrimental consequences of delayed animal vaccinations. To rectify the situation, the minister issued a directive to prioritize vaccination teams for affected villages, ensuring timely protection against Lampi and other viral diseases.

Fostering Horticulture and Employment Opportunities: Recognizing the potential for employment generation through horticulture, Cabinet Minister Rawat urged the support and incentivization of skilled craftsmen by the Horticulture Department. He emphasized the importance of extending benefits, such as poly houses and other departmental schemes, to farmers engaged in horticultural activities. Additionally, Minister Rawat underscored the need to disseminate information about the Apple Mission among the district’s youth, guiding them towards self-employment opportunities.

Thalisain: The Epitome of Potato Production: Renowned for its superior quality potatoes, the Thalisain block has become a pivotal region for potato production. Minister Dhan Singh Rawat unveiled an ambitious plan to establish Thalisain as a benchmark for potato cultivation in the state. To achieve this vision, the Project Director of the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) received instructions to groom potato producers in Thalisain as role models. Furthermore, the minister directed the implementation of collective enclosures for potato farming areas through the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), ensuring a cohesive and prosperous potato production zone.

Cabinet Minister Dhan Singh Rawat’s unwavering commitment to revolutionize the agricultural and animal husbandry sectors in Thalisain is commendable. By addressing the Lampi virus crisis, fostering horticulture for employment opportunities, and positioning Thalisain as a premier potato production zone, the minister’s strategic initiatives aim to uplift the region’s socio-economic landscape. With his visionary leadership and concerted efforts, a brighter and more prosperous future awaits Thalisain and its inhabitants.

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