BJP’s Fear of Rahul Gandhi: Why are they avoiding discussions in Parliament?

Delhi : As the political climate in India heats up, BJP party members have been avoiding discussions in Parliament, leading to speculation about their motives. Many are wondering why they seem so scared to confront the opposition, particularly Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party’s dynamic leader.

It’s no secret that the BJP has been on the back foot lately, with their policies and actions being criticized by many in the public eye. The Congress party has been particularly vocal in their condemnation, with Rahul Gandhi leading the charge. His scathing critiques of the BJP’s governance have been making headlines and causing concern among BJP members.

However, instead of confronting their opposition head-on in Parliament, BJP members have been speaking in other forums, leading to questions about their motivations. Why are they so hesitant to hold discussions in Parliament, the very forum where such debates should take place?

Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury recently added fuel to the fire, stating that the BJP is scared of Rahul Gandhi and that PM Modi’s once-famous 56-inch chest has now shrunk. Such comments may seem like political posturing, but they do highlight the underlying tensions between the two parties.

It’s clear that the BJP is feeling the heat and is worried about losing ground to the Congress party. By avoiding discussions in Parliament, they may be hoping to avoid confrontation and maintain their public image. However, this strategy may backfire, as it only fuels speculation and further erodes their credibility.

In contrast, the Congress party has been actively engaging in debates and discussions in Parliament, making their views and concerns heard. This has helped them build momentum and garner support from the public, who appreciate their transparency and willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue.

BJP’s fear of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party is understandable given the current political climate in India. However, their avoidance of discussions in Parliament is a worrying sign, as it suggests they are not willing to engage in meaningful dialogue and may be more interested in preserving their image than in addressing the concerns of the public. As such, it’s important for all parties to come together and engage in constructive discussions that can help move the country forward.

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