BJP’s Dedication to Workers and Upcoming Mega Jan Sampark Abhiyan

Dehradun: In a recent address, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami emphasized the crucial role played by dedicated workers in the BJP’s success. He highlighted the efforts of the workers that led to the party’s triumph in the assemblies in Haridwar for the first time. The Chief Minister’s speech took place during a meeting of state officials organized at the state BJP office. Meanwhile, the party’s state president, Mahendra Bhatt, announced the commencement of the Mega Jan Sampark Abhiyan, a month-long campaign aimed at garnering support and commemorating the nine-year term of the Modi government. This article delves into the details of the meeting, the upcoming campaign, and the BJP’s aspirations for the Lok Sabha elections.

Mega Jan Sampark Abhiyan: A Focus on Winning Votes

The BJP’s state president, Mahendra Bhatt, disclosed that the Mega Jan Sampark Abhiyan would be the centerpiece of the party’s activities from May 30 to June 30. This campaign is designed to consolidate support and secure 51 percent of the votes in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, as well as the by-elections in Bageshwar and local body elections. With these ambitious goals in mind, the BJP aims to capitalize on the completion of nine years of the Modi government’s tenure at the center.

MPs’ Role in the Mega Jan Sampark Abhiyan

As part of the campaign, Members of Parliament (MPs) will actively participate in district committee meetings, engaging with the public during their travels. The success of the Mega Jan Sampark Abhiyan hinges on the dedication and involvement of the MPs. It is their responsibility to contribute extensively to the campaign’s triumph. These deliberations took place during the meeting of state officials, where the agenda for the forthcoming Pradesh Working Committee was decided.

 Prominent Figures and Program Highlights

During the state officials’ meeting, the BJP’s state president, Mahendra Bhatt, provided insights into the programs conducted by the party thus far. Ajay Kumar, the state organization secretary, shared pertinent information about the campaign, while Aditya Kothari, the state general secretary, effectively managed the program. The presence of notable personalities such as Minister of State for Defense Ajay Bhatt and former Minister of Education Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank further underscored the significance of the meeting. District presidents of BJP-governed bodies and district panchayat presidents also attended, emphasizing the party’s commitment to grassroots representation.

Pradesh Working Committee Meeting: A Gathering of Senior Leaders

In a significant development, senior leaders of the BJP convened in the capital for the meeting of the Pradesh Working Committee. Held at the Survey Auditorium in Haldwani, this gathering included State In-charge Dushyant Gautam, National Coordinator of the Mega Jan Sampark Abhiyan Tarun Chugh, Deputy In-charge Rekha Verma, MPs, MLAs, state officials, district presidents, and district in-charge and co-in-charge of various fronts. State President, State General Secretary, and State Spokesperson were also present, alongside media and co-media in-charges. This assembly of key figures highlighted the importance of a unified approach towards winning all five seats in the upcoming elections.

The Modi Government’s Nine-Year Term and People’s Support

As the Modi government completes its nine-year term, it stands out for the extraordinary decisions made during this period. These decisions have directly benefited various sections of society, including the common people, the poor, the marginalized, and those at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. Programs aimed at their welfare have been implemented, with a focus on parliamentary and assembly levels. The BJP’s consistent victory on all five seats in the previous two elections reinforces their confidence in securing popular support once again. The enthusiasm exhibited by the people signals a promising outcome for the BJP in the upcoming elections.


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