Bear has been damage houses and dharamshalas in Badrinath

Chamoli has been experiencing continuous snowfall, and amid the harsh weather, a bear has been causing damage to many houses and dharamshalas in Badrinath Dham by breaking their doors in search of food.

The building owners have reported this issue to the district administration and the forest department, urging them to take necessary action to remove the threat posed by the bear. It is worth noting that the doors of Badrinath Dham are closed during winter, and the empty houses are buried in snow as people migrate to lower regions during this period. Taking advantage of the vacant spaces, bears have caused terror in the area, particularly in February.

Upon searching for food in the snow, the bear has wreaked havoc by breaking into several houses and dharamshalas. Building owners have reported to the district administration that only a few saints who were practicing penance, as well as ITBP and temple committee employees deployed for security, were present in the ashrams due to the master plan’s halt in February.

Meanwhile, a group of bears has been causing chaos in Badrinath. Barfani Baba, who was practicing penance in the area, has informed building owners about the situation. Mukesh Alkhania, a building owner, stated that the bear had damaged their belongings by breaking into their homes in the Indra Bhawan Alkhania neighborhood. After receiving the report, the building owner informed the district administration and the forest department. It is worth noting that the bear menace persists in the winter not only in Badrinath Dham but also in the villages of Mana and Niti Valley. The bears have been entering homes by tearing through the roof or breaking doors, causing destruction.

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